The best rated student residences

Studélites Van Gogh I

Studélites Van Gogh I - Le Bourget-du-Lac
Le Bourget-du-Lac (73370)

Close to the village and 400 meters from Lake Bourget, VAN GOGH I and II residences offer you an exceptional living environment. Located on the campus of Savoie Technolac, these residences allow you to reconcile your studies and your leisure at the best price / performance ratio. Residences with the image of their architecture: pleasant to live.

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Studélites Rousseau

Studélites Rousseau - Chambéry
Chambéry (73000)

The Studélites Rousseau residence is located in the city center, near the Jacob Bellecombette University, and Costa de Beauregard, Monge and La Cardinière high schools. The location is ideal: close to all amenities, the university restaurant, the cultural center André Malraux, library and media library Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Your student life will be all the more pleasant.

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Studélites Klee

Studélites Klee - Gieres
Gieres (38610)

The Studélites Klee residence is located on the edge of the Saint-Martin-d'Hères Campus. This residence offers a maximum of services and allows you to work in all serenity in a pleasant setting. The bus and the tram are in the immediate vicinity. The ski resorts are less than an hour away by car, you can enjoy your winter weekends to hit the slopes.

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Studélites Matisse

Studélites Matisse - Saint-Martin-d'Hères
Saint-Martin-d'Hères (38400)

The residence Studélites Matisse has everything to seduce you. Its location on the edge of the University Campus of Saint-Martin-d'Hères makes it an ideal residence to study. You will settle there in all tranquility, in the comfort and the security, in the incomparable calm of its greenery decoration. The shops and the tramway are in the immediate vicinity. Excellent price / benefits ratio.

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Studélites De Staël I

Studélites De Staël I - Villeurbanne
Villeurbanne (69100)

A few minutes from the Doua University Campus, the Charpennes metro station and the Tête d'Or Park, the Studélites de Staël I de Staël II Reserviences offer an exceptional quality of life and all the charm of the Studélites. These residences allow you to reconcile pleasantly your studies and your leisures. The bus, the tramway and the shops are in the immediate vicinity.

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Studélites Dufy

Studélites Dufy - Villeurbanne
Villeurbanne (69100)

Located in a quiet street, 100 meters from the University Campus de la Doua, the Studélites Dufy residence enjoys an environment conducive to study and leisure, thanks to its proximity to the Tête d'Or Park. Wilson Square with its shops and markets is in the immediate vicinity. To settle in the Studélites Dufy residence is to settle in the best in his studies.

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Studélites Montplaisir

Studélites Montplaisir - Valence
Valence (26000)

Facing Lycée Montplaisir, this residence of 45 residences offers you maximum comfort and services as well as a quality of life privileged. The local shops and the various bus lines serving downtown Valencia are at the foot of the residence.

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Studélites Kandinsky

Studélites Kandinsky - Valence
Valence (26000)

A stone's throw from the Latour-Maubourg University Pole, the Studélites Kandinsky residence benefits from both the advantages of the city center and the proximity of the different places of study. The cinemas, shops and lively areas of Valencia are 100 meters from the residence.

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Studelites Le Rousseau

Studelites Le Rousseau - Issy-les-Moulineaux
Issy-les-Moulineaux (92130)

Residence located in a new quiet area close to shops, near a shopping center. RER C at 400 meters, Tram T2 station Jacques-Henri Lartigue connects the district of La Défense. * individual electric heating / hot water * TV-microwave oven not included in the rental.

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Studélites Le Tocqueville

Studélites Le Tocqueville - Sceaux
Sceaux (92330)

The residence is located on the edge of the "coulée verte" in a very pleasant environment with the quality of life authentic and facing the faculty of law of Jean Monnet. 5 minutes walk from the town center of seals.  Its proximity to the central school and the polytechnic school and the faculty of pharmacy Châtenay-Malabry makes it a privileged place of residence for the students.

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Studelites Le Vendôme

Studelites Le Vendôme - Boulogne-Billancourt
Boulogne-Billancourt (92100)

Residence close to the shops, the cinemas, the media library Landowski.A 5-minute walk from Lines 9 and 10 and the T2 Tram.

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Studelites Le Garibaldi A

Studelites Le Garibaldi A - Issy-les-Moulineaux
Issy-les-Moulineaux (92130)

Residence close to shops and Ile Saint Germain. 200m from the T2 Tramway (Jacques-Henri Lartigue Station) and 400m from the RER C. * electric heating / hot water electric * TV-microwave oven not included in the rental.

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Studélites Le Gouverneur

Studélites Le Gouverneur - Montrouge
Montrouge (92120)

A few steps from Paris, the neighborhood "Les Portes d'Orléans" enjoys a desert of very good quality. Individual electric heating and hot water tanks. TV and microwave not included

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Studélites Le Pascal

Studélites Le Pascal - Noisy-le-Grand
Noisy-le-Grand (93160)

The residence is located in the center of the ZAC Saint-Vincent, at the junction of the old city center and the recent districts of the new city. You have immediate access to all services (Administrations, banks, ...), local shops, as well as the shopping center "Les Arcades", 3 minutes by RER you can access Marne- la-Vallée, city of Universities, mainly in scientific disciplines. Individual electric heating and hot water tanks.

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Studélites Le Magellan

Studélites Le Magellan - Saint-Maurice
Saint-Maurice (94410)

The six-storey building fits nicely into its surroundings. The residence is part of the recent development of the district, which testifies to the architectural quality of the new buildings. Its classic façade, with its cornices, columns, balconies and zinc roof, is very successful. The studios and 2 rooms are furnished, ready to live, with kitchenettes and equipped bathrooms.

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Studelites Le Castiglione

Studelites Le Castiglione - Boulogne-Billancourt
Boulogne-Billancourt (92100)

Residence near the shops and the shopping center "Les Passages de l'Hotel de Ville". It is located less than 15 minutes by metro (line 10) from the Latin Quarter. Individual electric heating / hot water * TV - microwave not included in the rental.

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Studelites Le Rembrandt

Studelites Le Rembrandt - Paris 19ème
Paris 19ème (75019)

The residence Studelites Le Rembrandt is located near the city of sciences and industry, the district of Villette and the School of Architecture of Paris-la Villette. Avenue de Flandre has been converted in two directions with a large pedestrian alley in the middle, lined with trees. In addition, all local shops are immediately accessible.

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Facotel - Saint-Etienne
Saint-Etienne (42100)

Student residence near the Faculty of Medicine, Tréfilerie, Center deux. Secure residence with digital code. We offer 98 units for rent on 7 floors served by an elevator as well as parking spaces. We offer 19m2 furnished and equipped studios. You can opt for a balcony or for a larger area (22m²). A housekeeper is present several times a week as well as a technician and a cleaning team. The rent includes the supply of water, building charges and household waste tax. Individual, secure Wi-Fi access is available free of charge. Crockery and household linen kits are available as an option. The cleaning of your studio can be carried out on request as an option. This residence close to all amenities has all the necessary assets for a good rental. Housing guaranteed clean and in good condition.

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Studélites Le Kléber

Studélites Le Kléber - Ivry-sur-Seine
Ivry-sur-Seine (94200)

The residence "Le Kléber" enjoys a privileged location, in the city center of Ivry sur Seine, close to transport (bus, metro, RER). In addition, the proximity of Paris makes it a safe bet in terms of location. Some accommodations are exclusively reserved for ESPCI

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Studelites L'Aiglon

Studelites L'Aiglon - Rueil-Malmaison
Rueil-Malmaison (92500)

Located 8 km from Paris and close to the business district of La Défense, the city of Rueil-Malmaison combines exceptional living environment and enviable geographical location. It has attracted many national and international companies, and constitute a particularly strong economic fabric. A symbol of this success, the Rueil 2000 district, renamed Rueil-sur-Seine, brings together leading corporate headquarters in high-potential markets: oil, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and the agri-food industry. It also has eighty companies with more than one hundred employees.

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Studelites Le Capitole

Studelites Le Capitole - Paris 13ème
Paris 13ème (75013)

Residence near the Austerlitz and Lyon train stations, close to 4 metro lines (5, 6, 10 and 14) and the RER C. A few minutes walk from the University Pierre and Marie Curie Sciences and Medicine (UPMC ) and Paris - Sorbonne University Letters and Civilizations. Heating, individual hot water, TV and microwave not included in the rental.

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Studélites Le Premium

Studélites Le Premium - Marseille 14ème
Marseille 14ème (13014)

In the immediate vicinity of the University Campus of Saint-Jerome, seat of the Faculty of Science and Technology and the IUT of Marseille, the residence Studélites The Premium offers you a maximum of comfort to study in all serenity. Various bus lines are at the foot of the residence (lines 32, 33 and 34). Excellent price / benefits ratio.

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Studelites Le Stadium B

Studelites Le Stadium B - Rueil-Malmaison
Rueil-Malmaison (92500)

Residence located at the west doors of Paris and close to Nanterre, close to the University Paris X - Nanterre, schools and shops and about 15 minutes by RER from Paris. * individual electric heating / hot water * TV-microwave oven not included in the rental.

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Studelites Le Stadium A

Studelites Le Stadium A - Rueil-Malmaison
Rueil-Malmaison (92500)

Located 8 km from Paris and close to the business district of La Défense, the city of Rueil-Malmaison combines exceptional living environment and enviable geographical location. It has attracted many national and international companies, and constitute a particularly strong economic fabric. Symbol of this success, the district of Rueil 2000, renamed Rueil-sur-Seine in the year 2000, brings together major corporate headquarters leading in markets with high potential: oil, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, food industry . It also has eighty companies with more than one hundred employees.

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Studélites La Source

Studélites La Source - Creteil
Creteil (94000)

Located at 9 avenue François Mitterrand in Créteil, the residence La Source offers fully furnished and equipped apartments (studios, T1bis and 2 rooms) combining comfort and pleasant living environment. The residence is very well served by public transport. Close to the residence, the bus n ° 281 (which allows direct access to the University Paris XII and Henri Mondor Hospital) leads to the metro line 8 (station Créteil - Préfecture) and RER A ( station Joinville-le-Pont).

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Studélites Le Victor Hugo

Studélites Le Victor Hugo - Creteil
Creteil (94000)

Located at 55 avenue Magellan in Créteil, the residence Studélites Le Victor Hugo offers fully furnished and equipped apartments (studios and T1bis) combining comfort and pleasant living environment. The residence is very well served by public transport. Near the residence, the bus n ° 393 (which serves the IUFM) allows to join the RER A (station Sucy-Bonneuil), the RER C (Choisy-le-Roi station), the metro line 7 (station Villejuif-Louis Aragon) and the Trans-Val-de-Marne (Pompadour stop). TVM's own site (from Rungis to Saint-Maur) provides links to other suburbs.

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Résidence Etudiante d'Armade

Résidence Etudiante d'Armade - Avon
Avon (77210)

Residence close to the forest and its Château de Fontainebleau. Rooms from 18m² to 21m², T2 shared apartment of 27m². Services included: Reception and management office, access to the residence badge system, Internet, individual mailboxes, bicycle storage, paid parking, collective gas heating, paid option to access the laundry room consisting of washing machines and of clothes dryers. Nearby: 2 minutes from the train station and close to shops.

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Résidence Saint-Pierre

Résidence Saint-Pierre - Brunoy
Brunoy (91800)

Come and discover La Résidence Saint-Pierre, private and secure, made up of studios and four-room apartments intended for shared accommodation. We welcome students, young workers, interns and work-study students for long and short stays. All our accommodations are furnished and equipped, with private shower and WC. A TV room and laundry facilities are available to all. The residence is located in a quiet area in the heart of a green park, 25 minutes from the Gare de Lyon station via the RER D. Amenities and shops nearby.

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Studélites La Timone / Le Prytanée

Studélites La Timone / Le Prytanée - Marseille 5ème
Marseille 5ème (13005)

In the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and odotonlogie. 5 min walk from metro line 1. Near the bus 12 and 40 and the tram T1.

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Studélites De Staël II

Studélites De Staël II - Villeurbanne
Villeurbanne (69100)

Just a few minutes from the Doua University Campus, the Charpennes metro station and the Tête d'Or Park, the Studélites De Staël I and II residences offer an exceptional quality of life and all the charm of the Studélites. These residences allow you to reconcile pleasantly your studies and your leisures. The bus, the tramway and the shops are in the immediate vicinity.

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Studélites le Cassiopée

Studélites le Cassiopée - Chatillon
Chatillon (92320)

127 studios from 18m² to 26m² and 18 large studios from 29m² to 38m². The residence is located 5 minutes walk from Tram T6 (Chatillon center stop) which serves the metro M13 in 2 stops (station Chatillon Montrouge). 15 minutes from Montpartnasse train station. Shops in the city center within walking distance. Near the École Normale Supérieure, EFFICOM and Paris 5 University. Nearby bus: 194, 295, 388, 394.

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Studélites Le Tivoli

Studélites Le Tivoli - Grenoble
Grenoble (38000)

At 15 minutes from the University Campus. - At the foot of the tram (Flandrin stop). - Bus n ° 41. - 2 tram stops from the city center.

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Lokora Valenciennes

Lokora Valenciennes - Valenciennes
Valenciennes (59300)

The Lokora Valenciennes residence is located rue de la Longue Chasse in Valenciennes, about 15 minutes on foot from the TERTIALE university, the train station and the city center. Within a maximum radius of 800 meters, you will find E.LECLERC, LECLERC Drive, ChronoDrive, Lavage Auto, BioCoop, Henri Boucher, Boulangerie Louise, Chocolaterie, Optician, Restaurants... The apartments are furnished with an equipped kitchenette: a fridge-freezer, an extractor hood, two vitro hobs, a microwave. They have a living room with desk, quality bedding, storage. The bathroom is private with shower, washbasin, WC (individual electric Cumulus for each accommodation). Internet access is unlimited. In the common areas you can benefit from a launderette, a relaxation room and a fitness room.

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City Résidence - Nice

City Résidence - Nice - Nice
Nice (06300)

A cozy atmosphere, real added value for successful studies! APL-approved residence. The first apart-hotel student residence. Discover your room with private bathroom and sanitary facilities, T1, T2, equipped and furnished, with quality materials. 35 tailor-made services dedicated to your university success. A secure residence with a residence manager present daily until 8 p.m., video surveillance system. Common entertainment, sports, leisure and university infrastructures at your disposal. Privileged situation. 5mn walk from St Roch station, 10mn walk from St Jean d'Angély University, equidistant from the university campus, and student living spaces. Bus stop at the foot of the residence.

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Studélites Cenon

Studélites Cenon - Cenon
Cenon (33150)

New residence at the foot of the Tram A! Located in a vibrant and growing, 15 minutes from the inner city of Bordeaux and 8min Chartrons Studélites Cenon the residence offers functional and comfortable student apartments. It is secured and consists of 5 floors with elevators. From Studio to T2, the accommodations are contemporary, fully furnished and equipped. Hot water and heating are included. The residence has common areas, recreation and work as well as quality of services (reception, laundry, cafeteria, gym, sauna, internet, breakfast service, bike room, cleaning service) that facilitates your daily life.The residence is located at the foot of line tramway and bus lines and Cenon station which allows you a quick access to your places of study and leisure. Moreover, all the shops and amenities are nearby making it a prime location to simplify your life. Find a student residence or conviviality rhymes with serenity in an ideal setting for successful studies.

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MACSF Aubette

MACSF Aubette - Rouen
Rouen (76000)

Located close to the Faculty of Medicine-Pharmacy, the Hospital Center, the IFSI and near the IUT Mont Saint Aignan and ENSAN, the student residence Aubette in Rouen, enjoys a location ideal. Completely secured and under video surveillance, it is composed of common areas, equipped with designer furniture, including a spacious cafeteria opening onto a large terrace, a multipurpose room and a gym, which students can fully enjoy to relax. Several study rooms are also at their disposal to work alone or with others. The residence offers studios, T1, T1 Bis, from 19 to 25 m² and T2 from 30 to 35 m². The apartments are furnished and equipped in a contemporary spirit and equipped with a crockery set. The tenants have a car park as well as a launderette in supplement. Included in the rent are loads of cold and hot water. Fiber optic broadband internet access in housing and public areas is offered. A reception is at the disposal of the students for the management of the daily newspaper within the residence and reception of the parcels.

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Campus des Sciences Evry

Campus des Sciences Evry - Evry
Evry (91000)

Located near the University, higher education institutions, the library, the city center and close to the RER station "Evry Courcouronnes", the residence, Campus Sciences Evry, is completely secure and fenced. The residence offers studios from 18 to 23 m². The apartments are fully furnished and equipped in a contemporary spirit. Dish kit, linen kit and hygiene kit are provided in each apartment. Residents have a bike area. Included in the rent are hot water and heating charges. A reception is at the disposal of the students for the management of the daily newspaper within the residence and reception of the parcels. Fees and high speed internet access are offered.

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Studélites Maisons-Alfort

Studélites Maisons-Alfort - Maisons-Alfort
Maisons-Alfort (94700)

Residence surrounded by greenery, offering furnished and equipped housing. On site: reception, wifi, laundry, gym, sauna, cafeteria. Located near transport (RER D - 1 station of Gare de Lyon), shops and schools and universities (National Veterinary School and University Paris Est Créteil). 1km from the André Malraux media library. Hot water and heating included in the charges.

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Art’Campus Plaine Images

Art’Campus Plaine Images - Roubaix
Roubaix (59100)

A modern, connected and secure residence located in the Plaines Images business park. It extends over 7 levels and offers 700 m2 of shared living spaces (gym, music room, coworking space, screening room, relaxation area). All units are fully furnished and include wifi access, as well as a resident janitor. Additional services available: breakfast, cleaning, laundry.

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Odalys Campus Blamont

Odalys Campus Blamont - Amiens
Amiens (80000)

A recent residence located on an exceptional site in front of a historical monument and its French gardens. A 5 minute walk from the train station and 15 minutes walk from the city center it enjoys a privileged location to access in a few minutes to the main institutions of higher education.

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Odalys Campus Perpignan

Odalys Campus Perpignan - Perpignan
Perpignan (66000)

The residence is located three hundred meters from the University of Perpignan and close to the main institutions of higher education.Entirely new residence is perfectly secure, in a quiet location close to shops and bus routes.

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Le Hüb Toulon by Privilodges

Le Hüb Toulon by Privilodges - Toulon
Toulon (83000)

Located in the heart of Toulon, our residence enjoys a privileged location, close to the city's main attractions. Our residence is an ideal starting point to explore the region. The PriviLodges Hub stands out for its modern design and elegant decoration. Each of our apartments is carefully designed to provide a comfortable and functional living space. The interiors are tastefully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your stay enjoyable. Our apartments include a fully equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom. You will also benefit from a high-speed Internet connection, air conditioning and television in each apartment. At Hub PriviLodges, we understand the importance of feeling at home while on the move. That's why we offer a range of equipment and services to meet your needs. You can take advantage of a coworking space to work efficiently and a laundry room for your comfort. Plus, our friendly and professional team are always on hand to help and provide information about the area. By staying at the Hub PriviLodges, you will be within walking distance of local attractions such as the port of Toulon, Place de la Liberté and the famous Provençal market. In addition, the residence is well served by public transport, which will allow you to move easily in the city and its surroundings. Whether you are in Toulon for business or pleasure, the Hub PriviLodges offers you quality accommodation, combining comfort, convenience and style. Book your stay with us now and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Toulon.

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KOSY Appart'Hôtels - Résidence Cœur de Ville

KOSY Appart'Hôtels - Résidence Cœur de Ville - Nancy
Nancy (54000)

The residence Coeur de ville welcomes you in a warm and historic setting. Indeed, it was born in one of the famous Tours Thiers of Nancy at the beginning of the XXI century. Located in the very center of Nancy and 2 minutes walk from the train station, you can easily get around thanks to the many tram stops nearby that serve the whole city and its surroundings. The journey between your apartment and your training center is no longer a problem! Residence Cœur de Ville offers 105 apartments with studios ranging from 22m² to 26m² and T2 apartments of 45m², all fully furnished and equipped for your comfort: - Bedding 1, 2 up to 3 people depending on the type of accommodation (linen bedding is provided, bed made on arrival with a change per fortnight) - Storage cabinet - Complete Kitchenette (hob, sink, fridge, microwave, dishes, cabinets) - 1 table, 1 desk, 3 chairs - Bathroom and WC - Broadband internet connection, as well as telephone and TV socket. - Laundry with washing machine and dryer in common - Iron and vacuum cleaner loan.

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Studélites Gentilly Montsouris

Studélites Gentilly Montsouris - Gentilly
Gentilly (94250)

Residence composed of 123 furnished and equipped flats. On site: reception, Wi-Fi, laundry, gym, sauna, cafeteria. Ideally located on the outskirts of Paris, the Studélites Gentilly residence enjoys quick access via the A86 motorway and the ring road. Nearby: shops, transport (RER station B Gentilly 2 minutes, bus, tram), schools and universities: Cité International of Paris, Montsouris Institute, University of Medicine Paris South, Ecole Normale Supérieure ... The stations of Montparnasse, Lyon and North are accessible by the RER in 20 minutes.

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Odalys Campus Levallois

Odalys Campus Levallois - Levallois-Perret
Levallois-Perret (92300)

The Residence Campus Odalys Levallois is ideally located 180 meters from Clichy-Levallois train station, Saint Lazare line L, 150 meters from bus stations 84 and 94, and 200 meters from the So Ouest! Shopping center. - In the immediate vicinity are also bakeries, restaurants, banks, mini markets. It has a privileged geographical location in a very qualitative living environment. - This unique location allows easy access to all higher education establishments in Paris and its periphery. The 19 m2 studios are equipped with a kitchenette including microwave, electric hob and refrigerator, a bathroom with WC, a furnished living room. The 30 m2 one-bedroom apartments have an additional bedroom.

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Néméa Appart'Etud Dijon Eiffel

Néméa Appart'Etud Dijon Eiffel - Dijon
Dijon (21000)

Charming apartments in a new student residence located in a nice neighborhood to live near universities. Bus at the foot of the residence and Tram a few meters. Schools nearby: High School Gustave Eiffel, University of Burgundy, AgroSup Dijon ... Studios, T1 Bis, T2 furnished, ready to live and offering a good quality of life: equipped kitchenette, office and storage, trundle bed, bathroom (shower and toilet), local access by bike. A cafeteria, a co-working space and a real gym. Ideal for students, trainees and young professionals.

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Zen'Etudes Le Parc de l'Escale

Zen'Etudes Le Parc de l'Escale - Toulouse
Toulouse (31300)

A few kilometers from Toulouse city center and Toulouse Blagnac Airport, the Hotel-Residences Zenitude The Parc de l'Escale stands in a haven of greenery, in the heart of a park of 3 hectares. We offer 242 spacious, modern and fully equipped apartments as well as a restaurant and many amenities to make the most of your stay. Distributed in studio, standard apartment with one bedroom and superior apartment, our apartments will bring you the choice of optimal comfort (air conditioning, safe, private bathroom, kitchen, flat screen TV, free internet access, etc.) For the safety of your vehicle, you will have the opportunity to choose between our covered parking and our free closed air parking. We also provide you with free access to our outdoor pool (unheated, open seasonally) and our fitness room.

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Néméa Appart'Etud Rouen Constantine

Néméa Appart'Etud Rouen Constantine - Rouen
Rouen (76000)

The Némea Appart'Etud Rouen residence is located in a dynamic environment, close to many faculties, schools and high schools. Shops and restaurants are also easily accessible, as well as the city center of Rouen, thus offering students a practical and lively place to live. The residence has secure indoor parking, allowing residents to park in peace. The 143 practical and comfortable accommodations are equipped with a kitchenette with storage, hob, microwave and fridge, as well as a bathroom with shower and WC. The living room is furnished with a trundle bed, a table, chairs, a desk and a wall shelf, and also includes a TV and telephone socket. Each accommodation has an individual electricity meter, allowing residents to control their electricity consumption. The Néméa Appart'Etud Rouen residence also offers services to make life easier for students, such as a laundry room, a gym, a high-speed internet connection, secure access. Residents can also enjoy common areas designed to relax and work, with a library, lounge area, billiards and table football.

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Studéa Montpellier Cité Créative

Studéa Montpellier Cité Créative - Montpellier
Montpellier (34024)

Welcome to the Studéa Cité Créative residence, where an exceptional student life experience awaits you! Immerse yourself in a pleasant environment where you can explore a wide range of services designed to simplify your daily life, allowing you to devote yourself fully to your studies, your work and moments of conviviality with your neighbors. Our residence benefits from an ideal location, close to several schools and universities, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops. You can enjoy the magnificent green spaces of Parc Montcalm just a stone's throw from your home! Accessibility to the residence is made easier thanks to the numerous means of transport available. The tram with lines 2, 3 and 4. The Bus with lines 11, 17, 33 and 38 and finally the Saint-Roch SNCF station accessible 19 minutes away on foot. Our residence is completely secure for your peace of mind, and our studios are furnished, equipped and equipped with a broadband connection to meet all your needs. All accommodation is eligible for housing assistance (ALS or APL). Look no further, Studéa Cité Créative is the ideal place to have an unforgettable student experience. Join us now and make your housing search child's play!

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Odalys Campus Le Havre Les Docks Vauban

Odalys Campus Le Havre Les Docks Vauban - Le Havre
Le Havre (76600)

Located just a few steps from the very lively Docks Vauban district, the University and the Grandes Ecoles, our new Odalys Campus Les Docks Vauban residence offers 168 Studio and T1 Bis accommodation ranging from 17m² to 23m² but also shared accommodation type T5 of 80m². Less than 10 minutes from the beaches by tram, students will benefit from a privileged study environment, with in particular beautiful common areas and a wide choice of surrounding shops (cinema, restaurants, shopping centre). The proximity of public transport allows quick access to the city center. Each accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette with microwave, hob, fridge and hood, a bathroom with WC and towel dryer, and a living room-bedroom furnished with a 120x200cm bed.

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Student Village Bagneux

Student Village Bagneux - Bagneux
Bagneux (92220)

Student village Bagneux is a contemporary and fully secure student residence with a rooftop terrace. The accommodations from studios to T2 are furnished and equipped with a fully equipped kitchen. Large furnished and equipped surfaces to share in shared accommodation are also available (from T3 to T5). Many services are included: a gym with the latest generation equipment, Co-living/Co-working spaces, a collaborative kitchen, connected parcel lockers, an on-site residence manager. Cold and hot water, heating and electricity charges are included in the rent. Application fees, high-speed internet access in the apartments and all common areas are offered. The residence is located 2 minutes walk from the RER B Bagneux which allows you to reach Paris Chatelet in less than 15 minutes. It is also located a few minutes walk from many schools (ESTP, IUT Cachan, ENS Paris Saclay...). Paris Sud Sceaux University is also less than 25 minutes away by RER or bus. Close to all shops and amenities.

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KOSY Appart'Hôtels - Résidence Academia

KOSY Appart'Hôtels - Résidence Academia - Grenoble
Grenoble (38100)

Les Cèdres: Your residence in the heart of Grenoble with gym and air conditioning! Ideally located near the city center (Line A Mounier tram stop at the foot of the residence), you are close to your training center: 5 minutes from the Higher School of Teaching and Education; 10min from the hyper-center and the Higher School of Art and Design; 15 min by tram from GEM, Grenoble INP and Polytech; 20min from the University Campus (IAE, IUT, University, FAC of Law, ...), libraries 10 min walk. The residence offers fully furnished and equipped apartments (air conditioning, kitchenette with extractor, microwave, hob, fridge and dishwasher), bed linen change every 15 days, unlimited access to WIFI and to the bathroom. sports, a reception service (available 5 days a week) with loan of vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board and hair dryer! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN YOUR RENT! You have maximum comfort with modern and neat decoration in a warm style. More than a simple student residence, Les Cèdres offers à la carte services according to your needs such as the rental of sheets and towels (5 €), a free access laundry room (Washing with laundry included at 5 €, Drying at 2 , € 5), parking (€ 60 / month), photocopy (B&W: € 0.20; Color: € 0.50), breakfast (Buffet formula at € 7, express formula at € 3.5), Pack Easy KOSY (Final cleaning of the duvet, pillows, curtains, mattress protectors: 55 €). Shared rentals possible (additional person charge package at 60 € / month / person). All apartments are eligible for CAF aid (ALS). At KOSY you just have to put down your suitcases! Transport: Line A - Mounier stop at the foot of the establishment Many amenities are located near the residence on foot (restaurants, supermarkets (Auchan 11min, Carrefour Express 13min, Super U 8min, pharmacies (5min), bank (5min), La Poste (10min) ... Sports grounds: A Block climbing room (5min), French Alpine Club Grenoble Oisans (5min). TO DO / VISIT: -Take the cable car -Admire the view from the Bastille - Stroll on Place Grenette - Take a walk in the Champs-Élysées park -Take the Saint-Laurent footbridge - Get lost in the Paul Mistral park and admire the Perret Tower -Go on an adventure through many hikes and admire the breathtaking landscapes -Taste the local gastronomy

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Odalys Association Nice Angely PLS

Odalys Association Nice Angely PLS - Nice
Nice (06300)

Residence reserved for scholarship students, work-study students, interns and young workers This recent student residence is located not far from the port of Nice and offers 36 fully equipped Studio-T1 accommodation ranging from 17m² to 21m². Close to the train station, shops and universities, it also allows easy access to the city center by public transport and is therefore an ideal setting for a fulfilling student life. On the ground floor and available to residents is a relaxation area to enjoy a friendly atmosphere between students. Each accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette with microwave, hob and fridge, a bathroom with WC and a furnished living room-bedroom.

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Cardinal Campus Canopée

Cardinal Campus Canopée - Clermont-Ferrand
Clermont-Ferrand (63000)

The Canopée residence is located in a quiet area, very well served by tram, bus and close to the SNCF train station. You will find cycle lanes and C'vélo to facilitate all your travels and the presence of many amenities (restaurants, hypermarkets, train station, CHU) to make your life easier. The district comes alive with each match of the Clermontoise ASM Rugby team, which takes place in the iconic Stade Marcel Michelin just next door. Choosing the Cardinal Campus Canopée residence means choosing: • A la carte services, • Privileged common areas: a gym with its terrace where you can come and play table tennis with neighbors; the Chill Room where you can work in groups or simply relax, a Kitchen Lab to prepare and share good meals and a large outdoor terrace to enjoy the good weather. • A Wash Bar • A 2-wheel space • A free broadband internet connection (Fiber). Have peace of mind thanks to the residence's security system (video surveillance and vigik access). Your Cardinal Campus Canopée residence has furnished and equipped apartments from Studio to T3 ready to welcome you: Living room combining ingenuity and practicality including: a sleeping area, an office space, a dining area and plenty of storage Clever, well-equipped kitchenette and easy to use: each unit has a crockery and utensil kit. Private bathroom, optimized and functional, with toilet and shower. From 440 € / month TCC (Copro charges, cold water, hot water and heating included, excluding electricity) Join the Campus Community and find events throughout the year to promote understanding between all tenants and live a unique and warm year. Reinforced health security. All our accommodations are eligible for CAF ALS.

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Odalys Campus Le Mans Les Halles

Odalys Campus Le Mans Les Halles - Le Mans
Le Mans (72000)

Located in the heart of Le Mans, our residence Les Halles offers 138 fully equipped one-bedroom, one-bedroom and two-bedroom accommodations from 17 m² to 32 m². Close to public transport, it gives you quick access to higher education establishments. With its friendly and welcoming shared spaces as well as its modern apartments, it constitutes a privileged study environment for a fulfilling student life. Each accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette with microwave, hob with extractor and refrigerator, a shower room with WC, a living room-bedroom furnished with a 120 x 200cm bed and an office area.

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Odalys Campus Hortillonnages

Odalys Campus Hortillonnages - Amiens
Amiens (80000)

This recent student residence located on the edge of the Somme in the heart of Amiens and close to the Saint Leu district, a tourist spot and known for its student evenings. We have 127 studios from 17 m² to 25 m² fully equipped. Close to public transport, close to the station and the city center, it allows quick access to higher education establishments. With its shared spaces, its modern apartments, and its private garden on the banks of the Somme, it is an ideal setting for a fulfilling student life. Each accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette with microwave, hotplates and fridge and extractor fan. , a shower room with WC and a furnished living room-bedroom. What is included in the charges: water, gas, wifi.

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Résidence Studently Canopy

Résidence Studently Canopy - Pau
Pau (64000)

The Residence Canopy is located in the immediate vicinity of the university campus of Pau. It consists of furnished T1, T1 bis student apartments. It offers warm and friendly indoor common areas: gym, herbal tea room, relaxation room with sofa and TV, coworking area. The Student manager present on site is the guarantor of the security and conviviality of the residence. The student residence offers connected services: parcel boxes, laundry, elevators with a screen displaying practical information.

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Cardinal Campus Pop-Up

Cardinal Campus Pop-Up - Bourg-en-Bresse
Bourg-en-Bresse (01000)

Are you looking for student accommodation in Bourg-en-Bresse? Cardinal Campus inaugurates its first student residence in the city! This brand-new residence offers a range of studios and apartments, from T1 to T3, fully furnished and equipped, with a modern, refined aesthetic and internet connection included. Bourg-en-Bresse is a dynamic and attractive city, offering a lifestyle that combines the contemporary and the traditional, quality cuisine and industrial craftsmanship. As the capital of the Ain department, this friendly town is the perfect place for you to develop both professionally and personally. With over twenty higher education and training establishments, the city offers a wide range of study courses, particularly in the fields of IT, social work and management. Bourg-en-Bresse is also easily accessible, with a train station linking it to numerous national destinations, such as Lyon and Paris, and international destinations, such as Geneva. The town also has an extensive public transport network, with bus routes serving the various districts of the town. More than just a student residence, Pop Up is designed to be a collaborative residence: a place to live, work and relax, a real place for exchange and sharing. It will offer all residents free access to several shared living spaces, including: a relaxation room, a coworking space, a shared kitchen (Kitchen Lab), laundry facilities, green spaces... More than a student residence, it offers fully-equipped and furnished apartments up to T3. Each student apartment is furnished and equipped to make daily life easier. Studios include : - a kitchen area with cupboards, dining table, ceramic hob, microwave and fridge; crockery and kitchen utensils are also provided - a living area with desk and storage space - a sleeping area with bed or BZ, depending on the type of apartment, and bedside table - a private bathroom with shower, washbasin, vanity unit and toilet Each studio has a free internet connection (cable or wifi). The residence also offers T3 apartments for students wishing to share their accommodation!

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Résidence Studently Studio 8

Résidence Studently Studio 8 - Fontainebleau
Fontainebleau (77300)

Ideally located opposite the future Fontainebleau student campus, the Studently Studio 8 residence has many assets: gym, laundry, grocery store, coliving and gaming spaces, coworking space, a large terrace and even a cinema room! The residence is new and secure, accessible by badge and intercom and is located 450m from the Fontainebleau forest, close to shops and bus stop (line 4, Fontainebleau station). All our apartments consist of a living room, an equipped kitchenette, as well as a bathroom with shower and WC. Some units also have a balcony.

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Residence Espace Révolution

Residence Espace Révolution - Limoges
Limoges (87000)

The Espace Révolution residence will offer you maximum comfort, conviviality, preserved privacy and guaranteed security, local shops are close at hand. The residence allows quick access to higher education institutions. It is located 350 m from the Faculty of Law and Economics and the IAE. Easily accessible by public transport, a bus stop (city center campus) is 260 m from the residence. It is an ideal setting for a fulfilling student life. Contemporary, it has very spacious common areas, such as an outdoor terrace, a relaxation lounge and a fitness room. Each accommodation is equipped with a kitchen equipped with microwave, hotplates and refrigerator, a bathroom with WC, a living room, a furnished bedroom. The Espace Révolution residence is an intergenerational residence where we welcome seniors and students, this is how a great human adventure can emerge between a senior and a student.

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