Student Rent Forms

According to your studies, your budget and your desire for independence, different types of accommodation are offered to you: residences services, university residences, homes, HLM housing, classical rental and colocation.

  • Residences with services: reconcile life in independent apartment and a student environment very practical.
  • Cities U (university residences managed by the CROUS): rooms and apartments mainly reserved for students with modest incomes.
  • The hostels: welcome students in furnished rooms in an "internat" atmosphere. Rare places.
    Not studious abstain.
  • The social housing managed by the HLM: some rooms or apartments reserved for students. Disadvantage: the location often off-center.
  • The classic rental or rental in town: the lure of an independent apartment, from solo studio to 4 rooms, according to budgets.
  • Colocation: allows to live in a larger apartment and to divide the charges.
    Be careful in choosing your roommates.

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