University residences

Managed by the CROUS (Regional Center of University and School Works, a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education), they welcome about 150,000 students for a period of nine months or twelve months.

Two key words characterize university residences: conviviality and proximity to places of study.

Priority is given to students whose financial resources are limited and who are away from their families and foreign students.

There are two types of residences: traditional and new.

• The traditional university residences, built in the late 1960s, are the subject of an extensive renovation program. The furnished room is 9 m2 and you have shared toilets, collective kitchenettes, working or relaxation rooms, all for about € 115 per month (before deduction of ALS - Social Housing Allowance), electricity and heating included. This is one of the most economical solutions.

• New academic residences,of recent design to the HLM standards, they offer larger housing, studios from 18 to 23 m2 with kitchenette, bathroom and wiring, as well as collective services: laundry, cafeteria, photocopier, games room, sports, library , Internet access ... The rent for a T1 can range from € 224 to € 301  per month before deduction of the APL (Housing Allowance). Almost as expensive as the private park!

To obtain these residences, only one step: to apply for a Student Social File (DSE) to the CROUS on which you depend. The allocations are made on social criteria and places are rare.

To extend your lease, do not forget to make your request on time (places are reset each year). If you wish to keep the same dwelling, you will have to make a parallel application directly with your residence.

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