Do you want to share a large apartment with your friends in a shared flat?

The first difficulty will be to convince the owner.
When you have reassured it, the most important point will be the drafting of the lease: the lease is then established between the owner on the one hand and each of the roommates on the other (all names must be mentioned). All must sign the lease.

If you rent with your brothers and sisters, you can accept the principle of solidarity between you for the fulfillment of your obligations: payment of rent, charges and rental repairs. Your parents can be either of the guarantors of one or the other of the co-tenants.

In all other cases, it is preferable to refuse the principle of solidarity because then the consequences of the failure or the departure of one of the roommates are burdensome for the others. The ideal is that each roommate signs the lease and presents a joint and several guarantee committing to meet its own obligations (payment of its share of rent and expenses, rental repairs ...).
The lessor of the colocation can then demand from each one only half, one third or one quarter (according to the number of roommates) of the sums due. In case of departure of one of you, it is much easier to replace it.

As regards housing aid, only two persons of the same sex may be housed. Otherwise you are considered to be living as a couple. If you signed your lease with a solidarity clause, the roommate who leaves the premises before the end of the lease is required to pay the rents and charges and more generally to all the obligations that result from it until the end of the lease.

The EDF-GDF subscription:

We advise you to have the contract drawn up on behalf of all the leaseholders. This can be useful if you need to produce a proof of address. The invoices will be global but you will be able to share.

The France Telecom subscription:

The safest way to avoid any litigation with your friends is to have an individual line installed for everyone. Otherwise, go for detailed billing. Think also of the "Top Message" service, a sophisticated answering machine split into 4 separate mailboxes so that everyone can manage and listen to their messages.

Home insurance:

Some contracts provide coverage for the co-occupant, ask the insurance company.
Anyway, beyond two roommates, the ideal is to take out a multi-risk home insurance policy per occupant. The civil liability of each person will thus be covered without risk of seeking responsibility either in their personal capacity or because of the occupation (damage to housing) or third parties (damage to neighbors). Moreover, the concept of "movable capital" will be both reduced and individualized.