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Your selection criteria

Consider above all your comfort and the amenities offered by this student accommodation, especially if you plan to stay more than one school year.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you prefer the proximity of your place of study or the attractions of the neighborhood of your place of residence?
  • How is the coveted place served?
  • What are your means of transportation?
  • Are you close to friends or acquaintances?
  • Are there more "hip" places than others?

Your answers to all these questions will help you to orientate yourself towards a specific type of student accommodation and to define an ideal location. It's your turn !

A sought-after area (downtown or "trendy" place) is certainly more pleasant to receive but not necessarily to study ... and the rent will be for sure higher and the parking difficult.

Your budget

1 - moving

If you are in the case of many students, that is to say that your furniture comes down to little, you will move alone: rent a pickup truck, call in some good friends and you're done.
An apartment already furnished and equipped can save you the purchase of furniture and appliances (do not hesitate however to test bedding and appliances).

2 - rental expenses

Your budget must take into account your rent, including rental expenses, as well as your expenses in electricity, gas, water, telephone and insurance.
Some student housing units have collective supplies such as heating, cold water, and more rarely hot water. In this case, these expenses will be included in the amount of expenses that will be communicated to you.

3 - local residence tax

Once a year, you will pay the local tax (local taxes).
This tax is due when you occupy the premises on January 1 of the tax year.
You will receive a notice from the Public Treasury stating its amount and the address of the treasury responsible for the recovery.
As an indication and subject to the allowances you may receive, it is equivalent to one or two months of net rent, depending on the city. You can benefit from a reduction under certain conditions: ask your tax center.
Respect the payment deadline, because beyond that your tax will be increased by 10%, plus recovery fee.
You will not pay this tax in a university residence or if you occupy a room with an individual who does not have a separate entry.

Tax Center in your city


Our advice

We advise you to make a calculation of the calculation of the housing aid that you can benefit in order to establish your maximum budget. Refer to our Live calculation.

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