How to find your student accommodation?

It is sometimes difficult to start researching your accommodation, because you are not sure where to start or what type of accommodation (link: to aim for. Indeed, there are many elements to take into account when selecting and finding your accommodation.

The selection of your student accommodation

Before doing your research, you must first estimate your needs, your criteria and your budget. As soon as you read the ads, keep in mind your priority criteria (surface area, proximity, charges, etc.), so as not to waste time on accommodation that does not meet your expectations. The ad may use a certain lexicon, and it will be easier for you to familiarize yourself with the most common terms. We invite you to refer to our lexicon page.

The first criterion to take into account is the location of your future accommodation. Choose either to be located close to your place of study or easily accessible by public transport. This will allow you to establish a search area, informing you about the different neighborhoods or areas in which you would like to live.

Do not wait to start your research!

In the big student cities, it is sometimes very difficult to find accommodation during the summer period, because the demands are very high and the available rentals fill up quickly. Starting your research in June can therefore save you the stress of a frenzied search.

Find student accommodation

Your selection criteria

Think above all of your comfort and the amenities offered by this student accommodation (common areas, laundry, Internet...), especially if you plan to live there for more than one school year. For example, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you like to favor the proximity of your place of study or the attractions of the neighborhood of your place of residence ?
  • How is the coveted location served ?
  • What are your means of transport ?
  • Are you close to friends or acquaintances ?

Your answers to all these questions will help you find a specific type of student accommodation and define an ideal location.

Your budget

Your budget must take into account your rent, including rental charges, as well as your expenses for electricity, gas, water, telephone and insurance.
Some student accommodations have collective utilities such as heating, cold water, and more rarely hot water. In this case, these expenses will be included in the rent which will be communicated to you.

Calculate your budget

When setting your budget, consider taking into account the eventual aid and scholarships that you can get to help you pay your rent.

Also consider non-monthly charges that may be added to your rental, such as housing tax, payable each year. This tax is due when you occupy the premises on January 1 of the tax year. On average, you need between one or two months of net rent, depending on the city.

You can benefit from relief under certain conditions, do not hesitate to ask your tax office for more information.

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