If you rent a furnished apartment, a single car must be enough to transport your belongings.
On the other hand, if you have to furnish a vacant dwelling, plan a more consistent mode of transportation.

You have two choices:

  • Rent a van for 24 or 48h (some renters offer day packages (Saturday or Sunday) in the order of €76) and get help from a few friends.
    This is the most economical formula (do not forget to plan the sandwich break, the coffee thermos and ... the aperitif once all the cartons are assembled!).
    Verify that you have taken out third-party liability insurance (often included in your "multi-dwelling" contract).
  • Use a moving company, preferable in case of heavy objects (old wardrobe, piano ...) and / or fragile. In this case, go for the formula "the movers pack the fragile, you pack yourself the rest and they carry everything". Ask for a precise quote (it can go from single to double!), Compare with several companies and do not hesitate to negotiate. Finally, check if the estimate takes into account the difficulties specific to your apartment (climbing stairs narrow, absence of elevator ...) and whether the boxes are provided or not.

On arrival, the movers will routinely sign a landfill. Check that your furniture and fragile items have arrived in good condition and do not hesitate to issue reservations if you have not been able to unpack them before they leave.
The surest way: get in touch with a mover affiliated with Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement.
Two labels will confirm that you are dealing with a serious business: the NF certificate and the logo "the specialized mover".

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