What are the steps to take for a move ?

A move involves many steps and procedures in order to update your change of address. If you don't know where to start, here are some tips that can guide you :

Organize your move

Moving yourself

Organizing your move yourself is the most economical solution. If you are renting a furnished apartment, a simple car should suffice to transport your personal belongings.
On the other hand, if you have to furnish an empty dwelling, plan a more substantial mode of transport. Be aware that some transport companies offer "moving kits" including all the necessary equipment to facilitate your work on D-Day.

However, moving yourself implies that :

  • You have no recourse if your items are damaged or stolen
  • Your liability is incurred in the event of material damage (premises) or bodily accidents

So check that you have taken out "civil liability" insurance (often included in your "comprehensive home" policy) to protect yourself.

Use professionals

Using a removal company is preferable in the event of heavy and / or fragile objects. The safest way is to use a mover registered in the register of carriers. Ask for a precise quote, compare with several companies and do not hesitate to negotiate. Finally, check whether the estimate takes into account the difficulties specific to your apartment (narrow staircase, no elevator, etc...) and whether the boxes are provided or not.

  • The mover is responsible in case of loss or breakage of an object
  • You can be compensated in case of delay

On arrival, the movers will systematically ask you to sign a waiver. Then check that your furniture and fragile items have arrived in good condition and do not hesitate to make reservations if you have not been able to unpack everything before their departure.

Good to know: Two labels will confirm that you are dealing with a serious company: the NF certificate and the "specialized mover" logo

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