LOCAPASS: another housing aid

In the case of a lease once it meets the award criteria, the tenant can benefit from assistance for:

Conditions for obtaining:

  • Students who are unemployed or in vocational training in a company
  • Students who have signed an internship agreement of at least 3 months
  • Students holding a fixed-term contract lasting at least 3 months, and those with 3 months of work in the last 6 months
  • The accommodations concerned are those used as main residence and rented as part of a residential lease

Via this, the Action Logement organizations jointly undertake to pay the owners the amounts of rents unpaid by the tenants, within a certain limit.


This is a zero-rate loan to cover all or part of the deposit required by the landlord upon entry into the tenant's premises.

The tenant must file his / her file with a Housing Action organization close to his / her home, at the latest 2 months after its entry into the premises.

The application shall be examined within 8 days of its receipt. If no reply is received within this period, the Loca-Pass advance shall be deemed to have been granted.

The maximum amount of the advance is €500.
The advance must be reimbursed:

  • In the 3 years following its acquisition with the possibility of a first deferred payment period of 3 months
  • And with monthly payments of a minimum amount of €20
    In case of a lease of less than 3 years (case of furnished rentals), the duration of the loan is aligned with the duration of the lease.

In case of early departure of the dwelling, ie before the end of the lease, the balance must be refunded within a maximum of 3 months.


The loca-pass guarantee is a guarantee of payment of the rent and the expenses in case of unpaid rent of the tenant; It acts as a surety for the lessor.

The maximum amount of the guarantee is equal to 9 months of rents and charges, up to a maximum of € 2,000 per month, net of housing subsidies.

The tenant must present his warranty claim to a Housing Action organization close to his home. This request must be made no later than 2 months after entering the premises.

In case of unpaid rents, the Loca-Pass guarantee is implemented at the request of the lessor with the organization of Action Logement, after notice of the tenant.

The tenant has a maximum of 3 years to repay the amount of his debt. The amount to be repaid shall not be borrowed.

This duration can be extended at the initiative of Action Logement.

Once the refund is made, you can access another Loca-Pass guarantee for a new home.

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