Student residences with services

Private student residences are open to all. Most of the apartments are newly furnished (often furnished), ranging from studios to one-bedroom apartments, with a wide range of services: cafeteria, laundry, gym, TV room, parking, cleaning ...

With an excellent level of comfort and equipment, well located near the schools or in the city center, they offer many services: often the best combination between independence and student life.

Rentals can be made at any time of the year, even for short periods in some of them. Be careful, however, to read the lease contract which can deter you from leaving during the year.

Decide quickly! The availability is reduced after September ...

The procedures to be carried out and the conditions of admission are the same as for a "classic" rental. See our housing offers and you will find the list of residences, with more than 80,000 residences in France, with their characteristics (addresses, prices, services) and the contact details of the manager to contact to find out about your Future housing.

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