How to properly prepare for a rental viewing ?

Visiting an accommodation allows you to gather a lot of information about the accommodation in which you plan to live. This is a key step in your search for accommodation, which you can prepare for.

Before the visit

Do not hesitate to come to a little before the agreed time to get to know the neighborhood and its surroundings. You can then check the presence (or absence) of services that you deem essential, such as:

  • Local stores
  • Public transport lines, road access, cycle paths
  • Activity centers
  • ...

Also remember to prepare and bring with you, your complete housing application file. This will allow you to show your interest and get ahead of the selection process.

During your visit

First impressions should not exempt from a rigorous examination of the accommodation, a thorough examination of the apartment can avoid unpleasant surprises. The ideal scenario is to visit with a relative or a friend who will see the apartment from a different perspective than you and with whom you can discuss opinions.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of points to check during your visit:

  • The general condition of the accommodation and the proper functioning of the appliances
  • Water outlets: fully open the taps, flush the toilet (if the water has been cut off, put a written reservation on the lease until the meter is reopened), the toilets
  • Electrical installation and heating (even in summer). Are they up to standard ?
  • Count outlets, watch radiators
  • Make sure there is a telephone socket and a TV antenna socket
  • Internet connections (optic fiber or ADSL)
  • Moisture: touch the walls; if they are wet, better give up
  • Check the condition of paintings and wallpapers, openings (doors, windows, shutters) and the floor
  • Exhibit of pieces
  • Open the cupboards
  • If your rental is furnished, check the condition of the appliances

During your visit, try to imagine your potential daily life in the accommodation, and if you will be able to live there according to your expectations. You can take pictures. This will allow you, to think carefully about the possibility of renting the apartment. You will also be able to share your impressions with your family, colleagues and friends who may not have been able to accompany you.

Questions to ask during your visit

The visit is a great time to clarify rental details. In particular, you will be able to address points such as:

  • The building: Is the access to the building secure (digital code or intercom)? Is there a super (concierge in French)? How are the mailboxes? Where are the bins stored? Is there a bicycle room or a parking lot and how to get there ?
  • Charges: What charges are included in your rent? Is the heating collective or individual?
  • Rental: When is the accommodation available? What is the duration of the contract ? If the accommodation is rented furnished, it is in principle renewable for one year. If it is rented empty, the lease is concluded for three years renewable.

Talk about your application

The visit is also an opportunity for the lessor to learn more about you. If you already have a file prepared with the complete documents, it will be easier for you to apply for the property. The lessor can also consult it and ask you questions if necessary.

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