How to manage your rental charges?

Depending on the accommodation, heating, electricity and water are included in the rent, be sure to inquire about it when making your reservation.
This information is usually specified in the listing of an accommodation. If they are not, be sure to ask during your visit.

How to subscribe to a contract?

You can subscribe online or by phone. The supporting documents required are most often:

  • Your full contact details
  • Full contact details of your accommodation (address, floor, etc.)
  • Your move-in date and desired start date of the contract
  • The meter reading and or DP (delivery point, you can find it on the invoice from the previous tenant or sometimes directly on your meter)
  • Your bank details if you wish to set up automatic debits

Choose your supplier carefully:

It is often possible to make an estimate or an estimate on the sites of the suppliers. This allows you to compare prices / services and choose according to your needs and budget. Your suppliers allow you to easily consult and control your consumption from mobile applications.

Advice to manage your consumption well

  • 1 ° more on your heating is equal to 7% more on your bill… It is therefore important to adjust the thermostat properly to save money!
  • Dusting the bulbs saves 30% of brightness
  • Leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth (3 minutes) is equivalent to 24 wasted 1.5 liter water bottles
  • A dripping faucet is almost 100 liters of water lost every day
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