What is the difference between a lease "naked" and a furnished lease ?

What is unfurnished accommodation?

An unfurnished lease is the rental of empty accommodation, so you must bring or buy all the furniture you need to live. All "bare" rented accommodation is governed by the law of 6 July 1989 (except for the case of subletting, even empty).

What are the characteristics of an unfurnished lease ?

  • The amount of the security deposit cannot exceed one month's rent
  • The initial term is 3 years renewable, if the lessor is an individual
  • The notice is 3 months minimum, you must notify your landlord by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt

What are the advantages of empty rentals or bare leases?

  • They allow long-term rental, with more stability for the tenant
  • Rent is often cheaper
  • You have the possibility to personalize the living space
  • The lessor must give six months notice to his tenant before recovering his property

What is furnished accommodation ?

To be considered as furnished, an accommodation must follow a precise list of furniture and living accessories determined by the law in force. These main elements are :

  • Bedding including duvet or blanket
  • Cooking plates
  • A traditional oven or microwave
  • A refrigerator with freezer or ice compartment
  • Kitchen utensils and dishes
  • A table and seats
  • Storage shelves

What are the characteristics of a furnished lease ?

  • Lease for a period of one year (or 9 months if student accommodation)
  • The notice is one month by registered letter with AR
  • Amount of the security deposit cannot exceed 2 months' rent

What are the advantages of furnished accommodation ?

  • More flexibility: shorter lease term compared to a bare lease
  • The furniture present saves money when moving in
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