Inventory of fixtures

Incoming inventory of fixtures is a document signed by the tenant and the owner or manager, which is used to describe the condition of the accommodation when entering the premises.
It allows to somehow make a "photograph" of the state of the housing before your installation and precedes the delivery of the keys. In contrast, the inventory of places of exit will be done at the time of your departure, to the return of the keys.

It must be accurate and complete.
Any imperfections you may have observed during your previous visit should be mentioned.

This includes important stains on the carpet, for example, or the number of wall holes in the walls, especially on tiled surfaces (bathroom and kitchen).

Also mention the number of keys delivered and check their correct use (a mailbox lock to replace costs about € 54). And do not forget to have the individual water and hot water meters checked if these supplies are collective.

Remember that it will be compared to the outlet inventory to determine your liability in the degradation of premises (the cost of repairs will be deducted from the security deposit!).

The inventory must be attached to the lease. It must be in duplicate and signed by both parties.
If your landlord refuses or if there is a dispute at the time of establishing it, you can call on a bailiff, whose costs will be shared with the landlord.
If you discover hidden defects (blocked piping, hot plates that work badly ...), you have 20 days to report them to your lessor, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
The absence of an inventory of places of entry does not protect you. You are deemed to have taken the accommodation in good condition.

If the accommodation is furnished, this inventory is not compulsory. However, we recommend that you make an inventory of the furniture provided.

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