The "HLM": social housing student

Some HLM organizations reserve a few social housing apartments for students.

They are genuine APL apartments (allowing you to receive the Personalized Housing Allowance). An apartment type T3 can be occupied by 2 students, leaving a common room and a room for each. Sometimes we find services such as laundry, gym or cafeteria.

These accommodarions, normally allocated on social criteria, are often furnished and located on the outskirts of large cities. First of all, check your school or university by public transport and estimate the journey time..

A moderate rent does not have much interest if it involves ancillary costs or a loss of time in transport.

A standard lease must be signed, but specific conditions for HLM housing are applicable to these residences (rent payable in arrears, deposit equal to 1 month ...).
Water, heating and electricity are often included in the rent. A boon !

Contact as soon as possible the HLM office of your city of study (there may be several).

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