Résidence Stella Montreuil
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34 rue Gaston Lauriau 93100 Montreuil
Welcome to Résidence Stella - Le Domaine des Beaumonts, a unique new intergenerational residence that offers exclusive shared apartments designed specifically for students.

Located in a calm and luxuriant environment, the Residence Stella is a place where different generations can meet and share precious moments. Located in the center of a friendly neighborhood, this residence offers a safe and warm environment, ideal for encouraging interactions between residents of all ages, whether students, workers or the elderly.

Our contemporary and fully furnished two-bedroom apartments are specially designed to meet your expectations. Each apartment has two cozy bedrooms, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a welcoming living space. Students can enjoy the tranquility of their own room while sharing moments of conviviality and cooperation with their roommates.

In addition to private spaces, residents of Residence Stella will have access to many common services such as the gym or the cinema lounge. A friendly common area will also be available for students to meet to study together, organize events or simply relax.

Résidence Stella also promotes intergenerational encounters by offering students the opportunity to build relationships with senior residents of the residence. These stimulating interactions give students a unique chance to benefit from the wisdom and experience of older residents, while creating an atmosphere of support and caring within the community.

Résidence Stella - Le Domaine des Beaumonts is much more than simple accommodation for students, it is an authentic place of sharing, mutual respect and conviviality. Come join us for an enriching intergenerational experience in an environment conducive to personal development and interpersonal relationships.
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