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Airbnb & the gentrification of large cities

Founded in 2008, the Airbnb vacation rental platform has more than 2 million online listings. In the space of a few years, it has established itself as the best alternative to hotel stays, advocating authenticity and the possibility of discovering a city like a native, immersing yourself with the locals.
Airbnb offers a wide range of rentals (rooms, apartments, houses, yachts, cabins, etc.), which allows it to attract customers from all walks of life. In addition, its benefits are not … Read more

The real estate phenomenon of Coliving

What is coliving? Who is it for?
Coming directly from the United States, this new way of "living together" is all the rage in the French real estate market. This new form of housing is increasingly popular with young workers and students, exhausted by a real estate market that is too inaccessible. Indeed, coliving mainly targets “millennials”, and could be described as being a hybrid form of flatsharing and coworking. Like the latter, it meets the new professional and rental needs of… Read more

The Parisian exodus : Concrete project or post-confinement fantasy ?

There is no longer any doubt: Paris is no longer attractive. The multiple lockdowns were difficult for everyone, but it seems that the restrictive measures imposed by the health crisis have only highlighted the difficulties of urban life. As a result, a new wave is being felt: the inhabitants want to leave the city and more particularly, to leave Paris. Formerly coveted internationally for its culture, its industry and its “art of living”, Paris seems increasingly disowned, both b… Read more