New technologies: news and advice

The evolution of study and learning formats

Since the start of the health crisis, the world of students, apprentices and interns has been deeply upset. In a few years, with the rapid spread of Covid-19, higher education had no choice but to adjust and try to find alternatives. How have learning formats adapted and what are the observable changes in recent years? How do students manage and feel these constant changes?
The need for new learning formats in response to the health crisis
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Real estate crowdfunding: A risk free investment?

Real estate crowdfunding, or real estate crowdfunding, first appeared in France in 2016. This process enables crowdfunding to build or acquire real estate, through an online platform. This trend underlines a desire to open up the world of finance to the "general public", where the internet now makes it possible to invest and buy shares with a simple mobile application.
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Virtual reality helps students

Virtual reality is a model, very faithful to reality, of a 3D object or space. Equipped with a helmet, it is then possible to move around and interact in a virtual space. While we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, government instructions call for continuing to limit contact. Video conferencing and other remote communication solutions are therefore making a comeback. Along with virtual reality, distancing potentially offers even more possibilities.
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