Selecting your room

First of all, you have to estimate your needs, define your criteria, evaluate your budget, and then "take action":
The actual search of the apartment.

When reading classified ads, keep in mind your priority criteria (surface, proximity, amenities, ...).
If the information contained in the ad is far removed from your selection criteria, do not waste time and move on to another. Practice decoding classified ads with often "coded" content.

Here are some keys:

  • Rent CC or TCC: rent including charges or all expenses including
  • Hono/H + €: these are the rental fees payable to the intermediary or the manager.
  • T1 : the number following the T indicates the number of pieces
  • The surface area is expressed in m2
  • PK/GAR : parking or garage.
  • ET indicates the floor, RDC the ground floor.
  • ASC : elevator.
  • INT/DIG : intercom / digicode.
  • SDB : Bathroom (assumes a bathtub but not always).
  • DCH : shower.
  • KITCH : it is the kitchenette, space located in the main room and equipped with at least a sink, hob and a refrigerator.

Contacting the manager, the real estate agency or the owner