Outgoing inventory of fixtures

For your departure under the best possible conditions, anticipate the state of the places of exit.

  • Schedule an appointment with your landlord or his representative to take stock of the repairs you have to make before D-Day. Take the time to formalize in writing a report of what was said during this appointment.
  • Fix the appointment as soon as possible on the day of return of the keys.
    Make sure you have emptied the apartment of your furniture and personal belongings and have done (or have done) a complete cleaning of the accommodation / balcony / terrace / cave / box.
  • Have the water consumption indexes on the individual meters checked for collective supplies.
  • Finally, return the keys after having mentioned their number and use (door of building, mailbox ...).

The balance or the balance of the security deposit must be returned to you within a maximum of two months after the handing over of the keys.

Be vigilant on the drafting of the inventory of the places of exit: It must limit itself to the state, the presence or the absence of the elements mentioned in the inventory of entry of entry to the exclusion of any other .

Do not accept mentions such as "carpet to change", "flush to replace" or "paints to remake", this could cost you very dear! And above all, it is not necessarily your responsibility, if it is a normal wear and tear.

If everything went well with your landlord during the rental period, you can ask him to collect the security deposit as soon as possible (because if you rent another apartment in the wake, you may have to pay A new security deposit before you have recovered yours).

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