Studéa Ile Beaulieu
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6-23-25 rue du Bois Joli 44200 Nantes
In the heart of the island of Nantes and a few steps from the Faculty of Medicine, this residence offers furnished accommodation with private bathroom ranging from 18m2 to 33m2. Located in a quiet and well-connected area (Tram 2 and 3: direct access to the Petit Port Campus), the residence has a study room, a two-wheel room as well as high internet access. unlimited flow. You can also take advantage of the à la carte services such as housekeeping, breakfast and parking. Close to multiple shops (Grocery, Biocoop) and 10 minutes walk from the city center, Studéa Ile de Beaulieu is the ideal place to continue your studies with ease.
Possible guarantees :
  • Physical guarantor